• Professional

    The R-Network emphasizes on carrying out each specific tasks with the right ethics.

  • Friendly

    The R-Network enforces that the community comes first and ensures that the clients are always satisfied.

  • Punctual

    The R-Network ensures that the promised due date for any of the provided services are always met.

The Timeline

These are the few founding steps of the R-Network.

  • Step 1

    October 2012

    The founders of the R-Network, Jeremy and Joseph along with a few unnamed sponsors started the development of game servers.

  • Step 2

    January 2013

    The founders decided to turn the Network into something that would involve the community more.

  • Step 3

    March 2013

    The R-Network decided to contribute to the community by providing streamers with extra unique features to add to their streaming sessions by offering our customly designed add-on that supports any streaming platform.

Future Projects

  1. Project Devian
  • The Revival of Devian

    Devian, a Super High Rate Ragnarok Online server, dedicated to only serve War of Emperium and Battleground players that are hungry for blood will be revived after its first unsuccessful launch due to various connectivity issues in December 2012.

    This project is anticipated to be completed by the end of March 2013.